methyl-1 cycle Qs

  1. prop/methyl-1 cycle

    Ok guys got a few questions for ya. The original plan was to run a cycle like this:
    weeks 1-8: 100mg prop eod along with 75mg 1-test cyp eod.

    Now, I just ordered some methyl 1-test. I was curious if I should incorporate this into this cycle, such as a kickstart for 2 weeks @ 20mg/day? Or should I just drop the cyp and go with the methyl for about 5 or 6 weeks @20/day?

    I definitely want to try this new compound out, so I will probably just go with the latter and keep the cyp for a later cycle.

    Any ideas welcome here, suggestions...
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  2. do a small search and you will find the answers because I think this has been answered before.. okay..

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