wtf, my topical is too thick to pump out

  1. wtf, my topical is too thick to pump out

    This is not my first experience with topicals or PH's mind you. This is about the 5th or so bottle of avant labs ONE i have bought from Mike over at 1fast. It's always been a great product for me. But on this bottle, i stored it at room temperature in the same exact spot i've stored all the others, it was there for a couple weeks, and then i took it out to use it, and the stuff is too thick to pump out the top. I took the lid off and pulled out the tube and it's cloudy white and stuff, and i can't pump it out to apply it. I tried shakin it up, ain't happenin

    any other ideas, could i mix it with some water, or what?


    Makaveli Tha Don

  2. Let the bottle sit in a bowl of really hot water for about 15 mins and then shake it and try pumping. The heat should help reliquify the gel to a consistency capable of pumping. It was probably formulated with to much gelling agent. YOU SHOULD HAVE USED BDC ( OR LEGALGEAR ( PRODUCTS WHICH ARE MADE USING CHEMOS FORMULA. Much better then Avants crap.


  3. sweet, i'll give that a try tonight.

    thanks bro
    And just for the record, i would of liked to have used BDC, however i wanted straight 1test, and i've used avant labs for a while, and just like the way they've treated me so far

  4. i swear this is one of the only boards where you can get actual help with your problems without all the crap givin to you along with asking the question, ie.

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