Better liver support

  1. Better liver support

    Thought I'd throw this out there since many folks including myself are are about to try new oral meth 1-test. There' s a new compound out there called "Siliphos" which is isolated from milk thistle and has shown to have an absorbtion rate eight times greater than regular standardized milk thistle. I'll be using this along with NAC. Thought this to be an appropriate topic for the prohormone thread since Im betting this will be the first potent oral many have ever used. I plan on running 30 mg m1-test with about 400mg homebrew transdermal 4-AD for four weeks.

  2. And where did you get this "Siliphos". Not to be confused with siphilis

  3. you should be using ala to protect your liver, that is proven to work

  4. I think "Siliphos" refers to Silymarin Extract which is some type of Milk Thistle extract. I stick w/regular Milk Thistle because it does the job and it's way cheaper

  5. I've read that regular milk thistle extract is very poorly absorbed. I get my Siliphos from Swanson Health products.

    I've been buying from this company for years as I've found the lowest prices on all sorts of stuff.

    I take plenty of r-ala allready. Swanson doesn't sell r-ala at this time, I've been using Syntrax's R- isomer, allthough I've seen AST now selling a 200mg version which would be the cheapest out there at the moment. I'll be ordering some but still use syntrax's as it's 100mg each and it would be good to have both milligram versions on hand to dose correctly for da carbs. Beyond a centurys r-ala is cheapest but is too hard to work with in un-capped form for doses required imho. I do use swansons NAC as it's the cheapest I've found and don't like it on the tongue un-capped.

    Hope to start meth 1-test 4-ad trans cycle Monday. Have done a cutting cycle with homebrew 1-test/4-ad at about 300mg each for a month using a CKD diet and modified 5x5 program and lost 5% bf and gained about 5-6 lbs LBM.



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