1. Synthroid/Levothyroxine

    I have a good amount of Synthroid (Levothyroxine) for medical thyroid reasons. I was researching to see if it is used in bodybuilding and came across a post on a UK board referring to it as T4. I've heard of T3 and T4 but never really knew their use. Does anyone have some info on how this stuff if used in conjunction with bodybuilding?

  2. t4 is basically going to be converted to t3 in the body , do a search for thyroxine , u'll come up with a lot of info on t4... under normal conditions , 100 mcg t4 is roughly 25 mcg t3 ...if cortisol etc are normal .

  3. T4 is what is used as replacement therapy in the US

  4. Will it work
    on a keto diet?

  5. Well synthroid will bump your metabolism if that's what you're asking but you only said you have a good amount and not the dosage etc of what you have. So unless you have high dosage pills and/or huge supply then it could be a waste vs. buying actual t-3.

    My wife was prescribed 25mg synthroid and it didn't do jack for me.



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