AI/ATD question

  1. AI/ATD question

    So I have been reading and reading and reading about PCT because I am planning to run my first "real" cycle here after my summer cutting cycle. (my first cycle will be Halodrol).

    I am really confused about the whole use/dont use an AI during your PCT.

    So, I have read about estrogen bounce back, and I have been told that there is a difference between 6-bromo (a steroidial AI) or ATD and a suicide inhibitor AI.

    I already have my Tamoxifen Citrate and cycle support, so don't think I haven't been doing my research or am trying to do this unprepared.

    My real question is, should I use anything other than a SERM for my PCT, and if I do should it just be a natty test booster or should I dose an AI? Should I use the AI when on cycle instead if it is not for PCT?

    I originally was going to run 6 bromo and the SERM, and taper them off over 4 weeks, but I have read so many contradictory posts I was wondering if you guys could clear the air for me, maybe let me know what you guys think would be a good PCT. BTW, if I need to know something different (other than larger doses of PCT) for superdrol or pheraplex (I have a bottle of each and plan on running those FURTHER down the line) please let me know what you think would work well for those too.

    Thank you for helping to clear my confusion. Like usual I owe you guys one.

    ...GMG760 Version 2.0 ... Back from the dead.


  2. Thanks dude. Why do I always miss the obvious answer... I swear my brain doesn't work sometimes.
    ...GMG760 Version 2.0 ... Back from the dead.

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