Drug test

  1. Drug test

    My friend is going to be on the bachelorette TV show. he wants to give his cow methyl 1-test so it looks nice and lean when its on the camera and for the lady. His cow has to take some blood tests in a few weeks when he goes out there to make sure its clean - not sure what they are testing for tho. Do you think this will show up on the tests?


  2. His "cow" will not likely be tested for 1-Test. Tests are generally for recreational drugs, but I could be wrong

  3. A blood test to be on a reality show? wow

  4. A good question would be - do they have a test for 1-test?

  5. They wouldn't test specifically for 1-test, but perhaps for an elevated test:epitest ratio. I don't know how badly methyl 1-test would upset this ratio, but I'm sure only a pretty high dose would flag it.

  6. maybee it's for std's


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