4ADne in oil

  1. 4ADne in oil

    I just happen to have a bottle of Dazed's oil/solvent mix and 20g of 4ad laying around.

    Keep in mind this is 4ad BASE; can I get 100 mg/ml in solution pretty well with Dazed's mix?

    It sure doesn't sound like rocket science. Let 5g dissolve in 50ml of solution, syringe filter into sterile bottle, serve slightly warm on a 25g pin... right?

  2. hmm, 4-ad base will be hard to get in solution. You could try 50mg/ml and see how that works.

  3. I was afraid of that.

    I've never done this before; will it be readily apparent that it's not perfectly in solution? Like if I just put one gram in 10ml of solution, it'll be pretty easy to see the 4ad precipitating?

  4. What about Mr.T's super Solvent or a PEG/PG carrier?

    Has anyone been successful in using PEG400 as a solvent with an oil carrier?

    How much PG would you need?

    Also, ADne has a MW of 290.44 and melting temp of 165C. Has anyone done any tests to see how PEG would affect the MW?
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