First Cycle Help

  1. First Cycle Help

    whats up bros and broettes. im fairly new here, so let me start by saying HELLO! i am 6'7" and currently at 285 lbs. and cutting and plan to start my first PH cycle when i get to about 275 or so, so it should be a few weeks. ive been researching PH's for a year or so, and think that i am finally ready to go for it. i have a couple bottles of 1-ad here on the computer waiting for me to start swallowing them. here is what i was planning before i start with the questions:
    weeks 1-3 300 mg 1-ad
    weeks 4-7 post-cycle recovery inc. 6-oxo, creatine, zma, and upped flax dosage (6 or 7 tbs. instead of 2).
    weeks 8-11 1-t transdermal from bdc 200mg/day
    weeks 12-15 post-cycle same as before

    i also supplement with protein powder and dextrose post-workout of course, liver tabs (18 ED), multivitamin, and vit. c.
    this 15 weeks will be focused at adding primarily lean mass, and calories will be kept about 3500-4000. i hope to get up to approx. 300 lbs. again by the end of the 15 weeks, and be done in time to cut back to 280 or so for summer.

    my main questions are about the first 3 weeks. i wanted to do a short cycle at low dosages to introduce myself to PH's and get a feeling for how they effect me (kinda weigh the positives and negatives).
    Do you think that only 300 mg for 3 weeks will produce any results?
    Do you think that this low of a dosage and this short of a cycle is wasting those good first cycle gains?
    also as i said i do already have two bottles, so if you think i should up the dosage or length on the 1-ad, how would you recommend it? (400mg for a month) or (300 1st week, 400 2nd and 3rd, and 500 4th) or what?
    also, i have my diet and training pretty much in order, but is there anything i can do, take, or not take to maximize gains or minimize risk of hindering gains throughout both cycles?
    SORRY FOR THE LONG POST! if i have left anything out, let me know and ill add it, although i doubt it looking back at the length of this thing.

  2. You will, most likely, need more calories. Some may argue, but I have had fantastic results at 5000+ cals/day.

  3. thanx for the quick response scotty. i opted for less cals for two reasons:
    1. i gain weight very easily to say the least.
    2. i want to keep the gains as lean as possible, so i wont have to cut as long before summertime.

  4. Keep it clean. Opt for low GI carbs(oatmeal, yams), you will put on fat, but, like I said, if you keep it clean, you shouldn't have a problem.

  5. Looks good brother!

  6. Originally posted by scotty2
    Keep it clean. Opt for low GI carbs(oatmeal, yams), you will put on fat, but, like I said, if you keep it clean, you shouldn't have a problem.
    Agreed. It's easier to lose any fat you gain from (over)bulking on cycle than it is to build muscle.

  7. Do your PH cycle, then at the end or in between, do your creatine. The creatine will cause excess water retention, which isnt what you're looking for. So do it after your cycle, plus it will help sustain those strength gains.

    300mgs for your 1st cycle is fine, dont let anyone tell yout its not. If 300mgs gives you some noticable gains, keep it at 300mgs, no need to go higher.

    Cut out the multi vitamin when taking anymore than 14-15 liver tabs. You're probably getting too many fat soluble vitamins, between liver tabs and a bulking diet, you're getting a good bit of antioxidants and vitamins, save your multis.

    Your nutrition is where you'll stumble. If you're 275, dont expect any gains from eating 3500 cals or less. Your maintainence calories are right around 4800-4900.

  8. you could probably get away with not using the 6-oxo after your first 3 week cycle. Usually after 4 weeks its a must you use an anti-e after a cycle, but less than that is optional, especially since you are not using a transdermal which has less absorption rate and because 1-ad is not as potent as 1-test because it still has to convert.

    i feel save the 6-oxo for your second cycle unless you got the $$ to spend.
  9. 1-ad

    I also have read in many posts that frontloading works well with 1ad....start with high dosages and decrease the dose during the 2nd week, then more during the 3rd week.

    I wouldn't reccommend starting with really high dosages. I haven't taken this product myself, but many of my close freinds have and there are stomach reactions such as stomach pain from stomach cramps, gas, etc.

    But heard frontloading method works well.

  10. thank you everyone for your responses. yes YJ i was planning on loading the creatine 5 days before the end of my cycle and using in between cycles. then start loading again 5 days before the end of my second cycle and continue for 4 weeks again. as far as the 6-oxo goes, I was plannin on starting about 2 days before the end of the first cycle and only using 1 bottle to try to control an estrogen rebound if there is any. probably 4 pills/day for 10 days and 2/day for 10 days. then start again 2 days before the end of my second cycle and use 2 bottles tapered at 6/day for 10 days, 4/day for 10 days, and 2/day for 10 days for the same reason. my 1-ad cycle i am just going 4000 cals and i will use the results from this to plan how many cals for the 1-T cycle. im guessing ill up it to about 5000 on that one though. as far as the first Im going with 3000 cals for the first 3 days, then 3500 for 3 more, and then finally 4000 by the end of the first week continued for the next two. ill be coming off a cutting cycle and i figured gradually upping the cals would be the best way to go. the first cycle I hope to gain some strength and 5 pounds hopefully. i am guessing at about 275 im 25 % bodyfat (i have a couple pics at 290 that ill post if requested) so that means my lean weight at 275 is only like 200 pounds or so. thats probably why i can gain good off of less cals than someone else at my weight. Well I think that pretty much answers anything i have been asked. and as always, Im welcome to all opinions, comments or whatnot.

  11. Instead of the t1 I would use the t1-pro. It has double the 1-test to 4-ad and the t1 has double the 4-ad to 1-test. The t1-pro will give you leaner gains as you get most of your gains from the 1-test. the 4-ad will just ward off lethargy and lippyness..... Other than than looks good. Hope that helps.. Talk to ya...
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  12. no curt. i wasnt gettin the T-1 premix, I was just gonna get the gel with 6 grams of 1-T powder and mix it in. no 4-ad at all. kinda scared of gyno as i have a small case already.

  13. Oh . Cool then.. Talk to ya... I just seen you talking about t1...
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  14. yeah. sorry for the confusion


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