long cycles vs short cycles

  1. long cycles vs short cycles

    bout to start my next cycle within the next week and was curious as to everybody's opinions on long ester cycles vs short ester cycles and comparatively speaking their lengths.

    6-8 weeks of test p / tren a ?
    12-14 weeks of test e / eq OR tren e

    this will be my fourth cycle and i've never used a short ester and the only reason i lean towards using a long ester is because i would like to use EQ but i also am itchin to try TREN so its a very difficult decision.

  2. hmmm, either one would be awesome IMO. what is ur goal?

  3. goals of this cycle are lean mass & strength

  4. Both will have similiar gains but I would opt for the short esters. They kick in quicker and I tend to hold less water with them. Also they clear the system quickly if problems arise.

  5. either will yield good gains, personally i would run long esters on a bulk and short esters on a cut or recomp



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