1. 4-aderm

    Where can I find this, I am currently going to do a methyl 1-test cycle/4-AD/OH-test (mixed with the 4ad). I need to find out where I can get the 4-aderm so i can mix the oh-test i just bought into it to complete my cycle. please fill me in, for ive been away 4 a while.

  2. 1fast400 probably carries it, why not get some tgel and put 12g of 4ad in it.

  3. Avant sells it for $40

  4. BTW, how much oh test do you have? You don't want more than 15g in the bottle and especially with 12g 4-ad as it'll never dissolve.

  5. kitchen chemist I heard that the new tgel you could probably only get 12 g in it...i wanted to do oh test and 4 ad and am probably going to do 6 and 6 unless you think I can fit in more.

  6. a very small amount 4 grams of oh-test. Im hoping that should be enough combined with the large amount of 4-ad in there already. I think this will make a very nice cycle, having the methyl 1-test stacked with 4g ohtest and 12g of 4-ad. Any recommendations on dosage, I only plan to run the meth 1-test at 20mg a day(due to nipple puffiness that I get when I use ps), is this too little for some1 who has prior experience with 1-test? If I am looking to keep the bloat down should I run liq-nolva throughout? Or would putting some formasin powder in the 4-ad/oh-test mix help keep the moonface/mid-section bloat down? Im looking to pack on some mass and strength without alot of excess weight, I am about 6 weeks removed from an 8 week t1-final cycle which I managed poorly due to lack of eating, but still got decent gains (8 lbs | 5 kept).


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