back to back cycle info?

  1. back to back cycle info?

    currently running a havoc/tren xtreme cycle and curious if i could follow it with a furaz cycle or would I be better off doing pct first. would 3ad be a good stack with furaz? and how would switching hormones affect the state of my test/ estrogen levels already hurt from the havoc/ tren cycle? thanks for any replies!

  2. time on + PCT = time off!!!!!!!!

    no back to back bullsh!t

  3. Defintley not with orals, long time on orals without a break=bad liver

    I know many people who run test all year long but who knows what their inside looks like.

  4. A back to back cycle is really just a long cycle changed in the middle, and it will hurt you rather than benefit you. Save the other stuff for your next cycle after PCT time off.

    The guys who run test endlessly are injecting, and therefore don't have the same liver concerns specifically. The stuff does tax the body though (liver included) not to mention the nut shrinkage. Bad idea...

  5. I thought so, i've heard guys at the gym talk of doing so but it did seem a bit much. thanks alot for straightening this out!
    just curious, when I do the furzadrol down the road, would 3AD be a good stack or would another compound fit better?



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