effectiveness of 2 week methyl 1-test cycle?

  1. effectiveness of 2 week methyl 1-test cycle?

    I just started a 1-test/4ad transdermal, 1,4 andro oral cycle a coupla days ago, which I plan to run for 2 weeks.

    It's working great so far, but now that methyl is out, I'm wondering would it be a bad idea to switch to that after maybe a week of the above? Still planning to run it for a total of 2 weeks, then 2 weeks off, then 2 weeks on again.

    Obviously I'm not expecting as good a result as a solid 6 week cycle, but I'm wondering if doing it this way would be a good way to mitigate the likely side effects.


  2. Huh?
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  3. Broiled Brain... the name suits ya!

    I recommend sticking to whatever it is your doing right now, whatever that may be

  4. Considering that it hasn't been around long enough for anyone to finish a cycle... I'd be surprised if you get a good answer at all!

  5. well I was just wondering what your opinions were. Nobody has completed a cycle yet but that doesn't mean we are just going to start popping tabs without any thought right?

    I'm not asking for an answer from God, just what you think of it :P

  6. You aren't really going to see the effects of the 1-test till week 3, the 1,4 takes about 4 weeks for any effects to be seen. So no I wouldn't try the idea mentioned above. Stick with your cycle as planned. If this isn't your first cycle I would run it for at least 6 weeks. That will give the 1,4 plenty of time to work. Make sure you have nolva or clomid for post cycle.


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