Liquid Clen Storage

  1. Liquid Clen Storage

    There is a sale on liquid clen but I don't plan on using it till January of 2004, do you think it would be safe in the refrigerator for that long?

  2. thats 3 months away man, just let it sit

    You manage to use the whole thing in one cycle anyways?

  3. toss it in a cabinet or drawer under the sink or anywhere, and you're fine.

    Or you can store it at my place too, that works best.

  4. ok PM me your address as long as you PROMISE its in mint condition come january

  5. liquid clen is a legal product bro, search the board the info is there.

  6. i found a sale for liquid clen by vpx for under 30 bucks for 240cc.

  7. please keep searching rngkng, please. it's for your benifit

  8. VPX's liquid clenbutrx isn't liquid clen by any means. Its yohimbine stacked w/ an ECA, thats it. Not saying it doesnt work, but if you're expecting it to be clen you're mistaken. among many others who are more consistant w/ shipping sell liquid clen, all you really have to do is search.


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