cycle results

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    cycle results

    how long before I would notice results from a cycle of Test enanthate someone told me 2 weeks before i would notice just curious trying to do as much research as possible before I start also should i kickstart it with d-bol

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    There was a poll on the Test E kick in time, i think it was like 4wks or so. I personally didnt feel anything until like the 6th or 7th wk. I would use the dbol for the first four wks with 30mg a day. Should see good results!
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    I'm just going into my second week now.

    Gained about 3lbs of weight (water and glycogen mainly from the extra cals, I've been slowly upping my calories from a long cutting phase), a bit of extra strength in the gym, a huge increase in libido and not much else!

    No oestrogenic sides so far but I am using adex at 0.5mg EOD

    I'm shooting 500mg a week (250mg x 2 shots).

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