Designer Steroids - Libido

  1. Designer Steroids - Libido

    I've read mixed reviews on some of the designer steroids. Some claim loss of sex drive and some claim increases.

    Is there one DS that stands out the most for increasing sex drive and aggression? This is what I'm looking for. (Basically the best substitute for 4AD).

  2. My libido was very high on h-drol
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  3. mine was high on epistane, on epithin e at a higher dose its lower. Go figure

  4. Thanks for the input both. I still can't tell if this is a "random effect" depending on the person. I'm just wondering if there is a new DS out there that gives "everybody increased libido and aggression." Like 4AD does for everybody.

    That is the bad boy I'm looking for!

  5. libido was insane on phera plex nothing has come close to it for me

  6. pheraplex is a good steady one.
    epi is more insane but it drops after about 20days.
    best bet for the majority of people would be pheraplex imo.

  7. 3-AD has been getting me going...Too bad the bottle is almost gone.

  8. I also thinks alot depends on the person we all react differently to these compounds
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  9. phera & epi both increased mine.

  10. I posted in this in a thread maybe a month or two ago-

    Best to worst
    1. Promagnon(raging boners throughout cycle)
    2. 4-AD(raging boners as long as dosage is high)
    3. Formestane(raging boners as long as its being used)
    4. DHEA(dose and cycle dependent)
    5. 19-Nor-Dione(for about 3 weeks with a slow decline thereafter)
    6. Phera(for about 2 weeks and then a steady decline)
    7. Epi(dead in two weeks)
    8. Halo(dead in 10 days)
    9. 1-AD/1-T(dead in 10 days)
    10. SD(dead in 5 days)
    11. M1-T(dead in 2 days)

  11. Gotta say, I think it's the individual. With M-Drol, I was insane my first run. Halfway through the second week, I went twice in a half hour. The following days in my cycle were decreasing till the third week, no libido whatsoever. Phera killed my libido. So I gotta say, it's the individual, no necessarily the compound.

  12. Every designer I have taken I never noticed a decrease in libido or sexual performance. Even while pulsing.

    I would say Halodrol-50/Orastan-E I had the best libido and the most aggression in and out of the bedroom.


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