Just finished cycle of Super One +... What next??

  1. Just finished cycle of Super One +... What next??

    I finished a cycle of Super One + about 4 weeks ago and am searching for something new to try. I have been lifting for several yeas but am fairly new to supplementing aside from taking protein and the like. I had good results with the Super One +. I did not keep on much weight but did manage to retain much of the strength I gained. I would like to see some better results this time and am not sure what to try. Any suggestions??? I have been looking at Tribex 500 and 1-AD. Any thoughts on these.
    The Tribex may be a bonus as someone gave me about half a bottle but I dont want to try something that may be uneffective. All thoughts and suggestions much appreciated.

  2. If you didn't keep much of your gains it may have been due to a weak post-cycle recovery, you need Clomid/Nolva post-cycle for better results.

    I would do T-1 Final or T-1 Pro instead of 1-AD & Tribex any day. I've never used Tribex but many people like it for sexual performance

    You should wait another 4-6 weeks at least before begining another cycle IMO.

  3. Thanks for the reply I.W. FYI... I did manage to keep on about 8 lbs but was hoping for much more and I am far from a heavyweight. (5'8" and currently 171 lbs). I think I will try the T-1 Final and hope its selling in the member store. I will be sure to report my progress. Thanks again.

  4. From what I have read of the experiences of the other guys here I wouldn't think 8 pounds retained from SuperOne+ is bad at all. Considering the fact that you're 171 lbs that's about a 5% increase in total body weight.

  5. I am pleased with the results I got from Super One+ I just was hoping for more. I may even try that product again next spring if its still available.
    Does anyone know if I can expect equal gains from the T-1 Pro or T-1 Final? Also I have been looking online and have been unable to find. Can anyone recommend a store?
    I was also curious if anyone has ever tried MAG 10 or heard any reviews for this product? I am interested in this product as well and wondered how it compared to MAG 10 in both price and effectiveness. Any info that can be passed along will be appreciated. Thanks.


  6. stick with the t1 pro & get the post meds


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