Pin size

  1. Pin size

    What would be the ideal pin size for 4-ad cypionate in the glute? 23 Gauge 1.5 Inch or 25 Gauge 1.0inch? or something else i did not mention.

  2. depends on where you are shooting... glutes.. I would use the 1.5's and 1 in for anything else.. but use the 25 G

  3. is 25g thick enough to handle oils? do they come in 1.5"
    i always thought you needed a fat pin to get the thick oil

  4. yes and yes... no you don't need a fat pin unless you just love to hurt...

  5. 25g 1.5 will do nicely in the glutes. Or so I hear Also heard oil travels just fine through them as well.

  6. the 25's shoots fine. Many will use 23 or 25's but why shoot with a thicker needle as long as the thinner one gets the job done? ive had no problem with usig 1" all over, including the glute. Now, try getting some oil through a 30 gauge needle....thats a workout in itself (hehe....took me 6 minutes for a lousy 1.5 mL....)

  7. Its a riddle.........and I know the answer ,No pin would be ideal cuz I wouldnt use that 4ad crap! I prefer the real deal ,but whatever works for you.Actually Get some 3cc 25x1 or 1.5 syringe/pin combos and and equil amout of 20 guage pins only ,warm your oil draw with the 20g pin ,swap it for the 25g .then inject away!

  8. I use 23g 1.5" for glutes... let me tell you, stacking 4AD cyp with Methyl gained me 10lbs in 16 days on a 2300cal/day diet

    Protein: 341gm
    Carbs: 75gm
    Fat: 76gm

    .. of corse - results may vary

  9. P.S. - Heat up some water in a coffee cup - microwave it and then let the 4AD cyp sit for about 2 minutes prior to "darting"

  10. 22g 1 1/2' all the way!


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