Blood Test results? -

Blood Test results?

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    Blood Test results?

    I was wanting to ask you a question. I got my blood work back and the doc said my Artificial testosterone was very high. Could this be caused by obviously all the prohormones i have taken in past I assume.

    But sides such as senstitive to sun, hot flashes, skin issues be a sign of artificial test. ? Just wanted to see if someone knew about this? I have all these signs and have had underarm sweat easy, as well as hot face and sensitive and changing skin. Please inform.

    Also, what can i do to eliminate this artificial test while maintaining natural test. I also went off proscar abotu 5 months ago and i can tell my natural test has come back because i am alot stronger than ever and i have been off all supplements for 4 months. Let me know?

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    How about you tell us what you took

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