H-Drol vs. Superdrol

  1. H-Drol vs. Superdrol

    What are the diffrence in these two?
    pros and cons?

  2. Superdrol is way more harsh, but gives most people more results. H-Drol is generally considered more mild, with more mild effects. I'd advise searching around more, there's all kinds of useful info out there, just search for "m drol" or "superdrol" or "h drol" or "halodrol". You'll find plenty of useful threads.

    These two threads are a good place for you to start (both complements of thesinner ):

    Designer Steroid/prohormone profiles

    No Excuses & No ***** ***: A Stupid People's Guide to PCT

    Let the flaming begin...

  3. Quote Originally Posted by joerama View Post
    What are the diffrence in these two?
    pros and cons?
    Here's a wonderful thread that was actually on the second page-
    Superdrol vs. Halodrol

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