what is this compound?

  1. what is this compound?

    17a-Methyl- 5a-Androstan-17b-Ol

    i saw it when i looked on muscle pharms website in their product wreckage, along with the epi compound. it looks like the 2nd half of it, but without the epithio. when i did a search on this compound, the closes thing i could find to it was mestanalone, which was 17a-Methyl-5a-androstan-17b-ol-3-one. is this the same compound?

  2. pretty sure it is superdrol

  3. Looks similar to phera, except I don't see the 2-ene in there.. That's the only difference between what you have listed, and phera.

  4. 2a,3a-epithio-17a-methyl-5a-androstan-17b-ol

    just part of Epi's nomenclature

  5. Quote Originally Posted by Necroticism View Post
    17a-Methyl- 5a-Androstan-17b-Ol

    methyl-dht, mestanolone......good ****

  6. Actually this is a compound that Patrick Arnold wrote about in his Muscular Development Column a little while ago. I hope someone releases it as a stand alone product.

    "This last compound has an interesting story behind it. Back in 2005 when everyone was selling methylated stuff and making a killing. I started to get really envious and was very tempted to enter into the market with a methylated product of my own. Of course this was foolish as I had yet to be indicted for my role as the manufacturer of the clear and was certainly being watched by the feds like a hawk. But I know of the coolest compound and I had a nifty idea on how to synthesize it cost effectively, and I just could not resist. So my lab chemist Matt and I went about the process of developing the manufacturing procedure. We had ample amounts of the starting material epiandrosterone sitting around (left over from the 1-ad days) so we were already a step ahead. After some trial and error we were successful and we made 100 grams or so to try out on people. I dissolved it in oil to save the effort of putting it into caps (encapsulating small amounts of material is a ***** cause you kind of have to do it by hand). I had some people try it out, one guy in particular who was an old friend in town and was my guinea pig for stuff since back when I first was making 4-ad and its nor analog. Anyway, this guy comes back after six weeks or so and says, “What the hell WAS that stuff?” I asked him what he meant and he said it’s the bets stuff he has ever taken. He had clean gains and felt great and his strength was through the roof. Well, this made me happy and I was eager to get going on selling this stuff. I even dropped some hunts on bodybuilding.com about the future product. Well, dropping those hunts was a dumb move. Seems the feds were reading everything I wrote and they interpreted it (conveniently so) as me getting ready to come out with a new version of the clear (as if I would announce such a thing, jeez). A month or two after my friend talked to me, the feds come crashing in and they went right for the 20 vials of this stuff as if they knew they were there. Then they started harassing Matt, demanding that he tell them where we kept the DMT. Seems they thought that I made this stuff from DMT, but in fact in fact I made it by a different pathway(although it very easily could be made from DMT). Well, nothing came of them taking the stuff since I had never sold it, but in retrospect it seems very likely that my manufacture of the small amounts of the stuff and my blabbering about it on the net was what finally enabled the feds to persuade the judge to issue a search warrant. And that search warrant was what put in motion the chain of events that led to my indictment, sentencing and finally imprisonment. So you probably want to know what is so cool about this steroid. Well, probably the coolest thing about it is that although it is methylated and has considerable anabolic/androgenic activity, it does not cause any liver toxicity (as measured by bromosulphothalein retention). There is no other similar steroid that is known to behave like this. It has 1.8 times the anabolic activity of methyltestosterone (a pretty decent value) and 1.0 times the androgenic activity. So this stuff never came to be and I have never bothered to make any more, even just for fun. I don’t know if anyone else will try to market this stuff – it’s unlikely they would, I suppose, since these days China has pretty much closed shop to making new steroids."


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