D-Drol Cycle

  1. D-Drol Cycle

    6'1", 245lbs, 22 years old

    I begun to run a 3 week cycle of d-drol, which is sd, phera and fini combined, I realize this product has been flamed before, but I have run sd, epi, 11oxo, and fini before, so I am well aware how I respond to these compounds, the only compound I have not run is pp, but I have researched it and am aware of its profile.

    The bottle is 60 caps, 2 per day, but due to the potency of each cap I have chosen to run 1 cap per day for 10 days, and 2 caps per day for 10 days, if all goes well, I will have enough to run the same cycle again in a few months after pct.

    On cycle I am running cycle support, a daily multi, and omega 3/6/9 and flax
    Post cycle i have cycle support, nolva, letro, diesel test, lean xtreme, dhea, and fenugreek

    I will log if there are any requests

  2. Good luck bro try to get your blood pressure checked a few times a week as this is a very harsh cycle but it looks like you have a decent pct setup
    Ask me for samples of the new RecoverPRO and Maniac. 3Z is coming July 1st Facebook for more info and maybe a great deal on it coming.

  3. Thanks for the inf, I have a bp cuff and all, so i will be, although i figured the length and the dose should make it less harsh. Honestly I can't believe that 1. they make d-drol OTC, and 2. the tell u to take 2 per day for 30 days.....nuts

  4. I have just completed a week, and so far everything is good, BP was 138/82 today... lil high but ok

    Feel good so far, none of the typical sd or pp sides, lots of energy, and i have gained about 5lbs so far and look leaner, soon I will go to 2 caps per day and I can't wait

    BTW i am kinda running a cutting cycle, eating very clean and 800 cals above maintenance

  5. 5lbs in the first week on a 'kinda cutting cylce" i hate you! hahah you will have an awesome cycle man i wouldn't be suprised if you can keep making gains through pct even... 3 weeks really isn't enough to shut down too much natural test and looking and your pct product you should have a nice test rebound through pct..

  6. I'm actually surprised i gained 5lbs in the first weak this cycle, I usually respond well to sd and other designers, but I am usually downin carbs and 4k cals, I am doin the palumbo diet now, and even though i gained 5 lbs on the scale i look leaner, so i don't think much, (if at all) of it is fat

    Its going well so far and I hope it keeps on goin well

    Since it is only 3 weeks, i am hoping for lil shutdown, but it is also SD, PP, and fini ...so we'll see. I am confident in my pct tho

  7. 247 today, so i lost a few, which is what I expected to do in the first place, but I am still a few pounds up from my starting weight, calories are low, if u know anything about the palumbo diet, its all protein and healthy fat, so it gets you lean and still allows for some hypertrophy, felt a lil sluggish today, but i still got a killer back pump goin liftin today

  8. Just starting my last week, last time i weighed in, i was 251, and the leanest i have looked in a while

    Since I am still gainin, I am cutting cals a couple hundred, see where that takes me

    Arms, back, legs have definite improvements, goin great so far, and libido hasn't crashed yet


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