Pgf2a anyone have personal experence

  1. Pgf2a anyone have personal experence

    I'm thinking of using this as a fat killer.......anyone use it I hear the sides are bad but to get rid of the problem areas. I would do it

    I have heard of a topical and the injectable

  2. I've used the topical and liked very much. Enough to make me want to try the injectable. Still waiting for a chance to try it.

  3. what were the costs of the topical .....I'm sure I'll have a source for the injectable by days end I'll pm you the link I had one a while back....

    what kind of results did you see.....

  4. Direct results were a bit intangible because of my bf levels. The fat in my mid section is much...less dense is the best way I can describe it. It also reduced the size of my nips and has given my left tricept/bicept the definition that the right arm has, which it lacked prior to using it. Here is a link to the threads about it.
    Two things I learned, first the lower the bf% the better results you will see (although I could tell a difference even in higher bf areas) and the best results I had were done when applying it about 45min prior to a work out on an empty stomache. Some people say it kills fat cells other reports (the maker of the topical) says it makes the fatcells able to be killed when burned for energy. Maybe it placebo but I liked using it prior to a good fat burning work out. last but not least DON"T use this with an ECA. Aspririn in your system completely negates the effects of pgf2a
    That is an connection I would love the two guys I know with it went flaky.

  5. I've used the topical, very good IMO. The injectable is apparently very hard to find. The sides are apparently terrible, there try, go to the gear gallery and look at lutalyse.



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