Epistane Post Cycle Question

  1. Epistane Post Cycle Question

    I'm planning on running a 4-5 week cycle of epi. I have everything ready except the post cycle. I was planning to run Toremifene and 6-oxo. The problem is that I don't know how to run this. I've researched Toremifene and it says i should dose it at 120/90/60/30. How should i run the 6-oxo with it? Should it be taken while i'm taking Toremifene or after I'm done with it? And what is a good dosage for it? Thanks

  2. i just read that it should be taken inverse to torem. Is this true? Would a good dosage look like:

    Week 1 day 1-4: 120mg Torem / 2 Caps 6-OXO Extreme
    Week 1 day 5-7: 90mg Torem / 2 Caps 6-OXO Extreme
    Week 2: 60mg Torem / 2 Caps 6-OXO Extreme
    Week 3: 30mg Torem / 5 Caps 6-OXO Extreme
    Week 4: 5 Caps 6-OXO Extreme

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