Long time listener, first time caller.

  1. Long time listener, first time caller.

    I have been a daily visitor of this site for some time now, however, this is my first post.
    I am:
    20% bf
    Lifting regularly since I was 15.

    Previous AAS experience:
    1st cycle-
    Weeks 1-4 30mg qd Dianabol
    Weeks 1-10 600mg Test C
    Weeks 1-12 100mg qd Proviron
    Week 13 100mg qd Clomid
    Weeks 14-15 50mg qd Clomid
    Week 16 25mg qd Clomid

    2nd cycle-
    Weeks 1-4 30mg qd Dianabol
    Weeks 1-4 1000mg Sustanon
    Weeks 5-10 750mg Test E
    Weeks 1-10 600mg Eq
    Weeks 1-12 100mg qd Proviron
    Week 13 120mg qd Torem
    Week 14 90mg qd Torem
    Week 15 60mg qd Torem
    Week 16 30mg qd Torem

    It has been over a year since my last cycle, but today, I start cycle number 3!

    My goals are to lose fat. A lot of fat. And keep as much lean mass as possible.

    My diet had been off for the better part of the year.
    Working two jobs and going back to school left little time for anything other than fast food. I know, I said it, Fast Food!!!
    Anyway, looking in the mirror, it shows. Time to fix it.

    Week 1 20mg qd Epistane
    Weeks 2-4 30mg qd Epistane
    Weeks 3-6 200mg qd Furazadrol
    Week 1 25/25/25/50/50/50/75 T3
    Week 2 75/75/100/100/100/100/100 T3
    Weeks 3-4 100mcg qd T3
    Week 5 75/75/75/75/50/50/50 T3
    Week 6 50/50/25/25/25/25/25 T3
    Weeks 2-4 12mg qd Albuterol
    Week 7 120 mg qd Torem
    Week 8 90 mg qd Torem
    Week 9 60 mg qd Torem

    Calories will be reduced to 2000 per day.
    70/15/15 Protein/Carb/Fat
    Weight training 3 days per week.
    Cardio 6 days per week.

    Please critique cycle.

  2. furazadrol made my bp skyrocket to bangkok keep an eye on it!

  3. bro if ur cycling to lose weight, u better have the best diet and training (including cardio)....most ppl would recommend dropping some bodyfay BEFORE cycling

  4. Thanks for the heads up on furaz raising bp really high.

    I have added the epi and furaz just to keep from losing lean mass from the t3, albuterol, reduced calories, and long cardio sessions.

    I appreciate the recommendation to cut weight before cycling, but I guess, my point of view is that I am using the epi and furazadrol to maintain what I have during a big cut and then after my pct and some time off, I am going to start a real cycle to lean bulk. I guess I mean, compared to test and eq, epi and furaz are nothing, right? I have never used an OTC steroid before. I figure that they are pretty mild comparitively speaking. Am I wrong in that assumption?

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