mehyl 1-test vs 1-test stacks

  1. Question mehyl 1-test vs 1-test stacks

    OK, I have read allot about this new product but is it really much more effect as a 1-test stack? Will I get the same results as I would with 10 1-test, 10 1,4 andro and 5 of 4 ad in a transdermeral? Is it better than T-1 pro? Will get the same mucle gain and strength, Please Help I am starting a new stack and I always look for the best. I am about 18%BF and I don't want to put on much fat. I know this is dicussed in threads but can some one give a good break down?

    Thanks guys,
    One more think, if it is really better can come one give a good dosage amount and how much other products to stack with it.

  2. It's a better alternative to 1-test.

    You can stack methyl-1-test with any other PH.

    There's no forbidden rule against this.

  3. You could actually research this and know what your putting in your body instead of asking everyone else to do it for you.
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  4. Damn Bobo, who pissed in your cheerios

  5. How the hell is anyone supposed to know the answers to his questions when nobody has even been on this **** for more than a week!

    And this is the second time he's asked what to stack with it!!

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