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    just started my summer cutdown cycle. It was initially going to consist of 50 mg tbol and 450 mg of 11-oxo for 8 wks. Plenty of experience with both and love the result of both. I have been doing major research into other things lately and i need to pick up more tbol if i am gonna run this cycle. b4 i do that was wondering if anyone had any suggestions on another oral aas or product that would replace the tbol. im about 6'3" 232 lbs. with bout 11% bf. been training for yrs. thinking of anavar 50 mg ed or winny tabs 50 mg ed. plain and simply wanna get shredded. not too worried bout gaining size at all. pct is most likely 100 mg clomid ed 2 wks. and ax advanced pct. thanx!

  2. T-bol is more lean mass but stacked with the 11-oxo it shud shred u up pretty nicely. winny + var will probably yeild the same results with the difference being your wallet will be smaller because var is ****in expensive lol.

  3. winny and var is the chit!

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