Cast comen off soon!

  1. Cast comen off soon!

    Whatís up all?

    So Iíve been in a cast for one F$cked up finger for almost a month now.. I will be getting it off in a little less than two weeks, and Iím looking to Throw together a little cycle to get going on once I am released for heavy lifting.

    Hereís what i am thinking..

    Havoc, Lipo-6, andd Napalm.

    Going to try and get shredded for the summer! Ive been doing some research on this Napalm stuff and have heard only good things.. But does anyone know of any possible sides from it besides weight loss?

    Also this will be my first time to take any sort of weight loss supplement, I have heard good things about lipo-6 and there is a sale going on at a store near by.

    So if anyone has used lipo-6 let me know about your results!!



  2. Napalm is decent, no sides except a warm tingling sensation where it is applied. I kinda like it.

    Lipo 6 is decent too, maybe a bit outdated.. USP's Recreate is getting all kinds of good reviews, might wanna look into that for a fat burner.

    H-drol or Furazadrol are good cutter's too, if you are investigating options..

  3. K Thanks man, I’ll look into the recreate.

    Would ya'll run them all simultaneously or space out the Havoc and the fat burners?

  4. I would use them simultaneously as long as blood pressure is stable.

  5. Sweet thanks for the advice! Ill get a log going as soon as i can start lifting again.


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