Doping for gold

  1. Doping for gold

    i just watched this show about how eastern germany was forcing their olympic athletes to take steroids for years at a time. now thats some crazy ****! one of the women became so manly that she changed her name to Andre and lives under a male identity! has anyone seen this?

  2. damn I wish I was an east german olympic athlete lol il bet they got the good ****!

  3. i think they won like 40 medals, and got 11 out of 13 in swimming

  4. i think i heard them say terenadrol, sus and artificial test. they were telling them that the pills were vitamins! lol! not really i think all of them have serious health issues(the ones that aren't dead)

  5. Hey the USSR (Russia) were just as bad (still is)....



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