Stacking methyl-1t

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  1. Quote Originally Posted by frofan
    What is everyone going to stack with their methyl-1t? I think the majority of us are looking at 4ad and/or oh test. What kind of doses were you thinking?
    Which is better:

    4-AD 17 Cypionate ala

    or a

    4 AD transderm

    Both of these to be stacked with M1T

  2. designer supplements has a better price on 4-ad cyp

  3. What would you guys say to a M1-t, transdermal 4-ad, and Methyl-5aa stack?

  4. it could be worse.......
    at least he didn't post:

    what is PCT?
  5. Wink

    Quote Originally Posted by BMZ
    it could be worse.......
    at least he didn't post:

    what is PCT?
    ahaha is something wrong with that

  6. Quote Originally Posted by jxhopper
    ahaha is something wrong with that


  7. Quote Originally Posted by BMZ
    I just think it's amazing how quick people are to start jumping on stacks of combinations that have barely (if at all) been tested by anyone. I think the safe thing would be (as previously suggested) to just test 1 new product. Or better yet sit back and listen to feedback so the true side effects can be known.

  8. as in testosterone cyp, prop, enanthate, or any other ester you like.

  9. how about a mix of 10 mg of m-1-t and trenabol-x? will that be a overkill of 1 test? it has 4AD, and 1-4 dione. 100mg each per dose. any ideas?

  10. It would be overkill of the 1-test. Not to mention that here are so many better products out now than Trenabol-x

  11. good deal, thanks. i just had a couple bottles of trenabol left but screw it, i just bought some t4 homebrew from powernutrition. figure i'll mix it to the max capacity and go from there. for the first cycle, i'll use m1t solo. for #2, i'll stack t4 with it. what dose do you think would be good for t4. i'm 263 lbs with 16%bf and the only prohormoes i've used are the megabol/anabol stack a few months ago.

  12. I would recopmend that you do not take it alone. The lethargy will get you. If you have the 4AD on hand use it. How many grams did you buy? That will mean a lot in the dosage.

  13. i bought one bottle of t-gel and 10 grams of 4-ad. it says you can mix in the whole 10 grams so that's what i plan on doing. dosage? for the 1st cycle, i just figured i would see how the m1t works solo since there seems to be mixed opinions about this. then on #2, compare the difference and draw a conclusion.


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