How much Clomid?

  1. How much Clomid?

    Just order Clomid, 50 mg. 30 count. How should I use it after a 5 week cycle?

    Thanks All

  2. Order more, you'll need enough to use everyday for the next 4 weeks..

    Week 1-2 150mg. ED (3 tabs daily)= 21 tabs per week, or 42 for the first 2 weeks..

    Week 3 100mg. ED (2 tabs daily)= 14 tabs this week

    Week 4 50mg. ED (1 tab, Duh!)= 7-8 tabs this week, an extra to make sure..

    Total tabs needed= at least 65 tabs, get two more of those 30 tab bottles to be sure.. Never hurts to have too much ancilliary product around..

  3. Cool thanks, I guess it legal to order them from Mex online pharm. As long as u only buy 30 tabs at a time.

  4. Just get the liquid clomid. Much easier and cheaper.

  5. but buy it flavoerd ....any of theses guys will take care look for the discount packages...bulking seasons is hear.




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