Cycling Methyl Test & Hydroxy Test Transdermal

  1. Cycling Methyl Test & Hydroxy Test Transdermal

    Can anyone tell me if it would be acceptable to do a cycle of Methyl 1-Test with LGP Hydroxytest teansdermal in a cycle. I am thinking it might be overdoing it.

    If so what would be the best way to do this.

    Might a staggered cycle of 6 weeks work with an overlap of the two middle weeks?

    I will be incorporating clomid after cycle and nolvadex during the cycle.

  2. Just wondering your reasoning for using the Nolva during the cycle.

  3. It is a good way to keep water down and estrogen levels lower during the cycle. The same protocol is done with AS. You only take about 10mg's of nolvadex every night.

  4. Letro would be a better choice. Nolva can actually increase water retention.
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  5. Everything I have read about cycling AS that have androgenic qualities recommends nolvadex during cycle. There is very much information on this at Steroid-Encyclopaedia.

    I have no personal experience with it. Just research.

  6. Research further.

    "Most people claim they do, but I have not seen any research to support that. In fact as I mentioned to you those drugs are really SERMS: estrogenic in some tissues and antiestrogenic in others. I did a little research on the two mechanisms whereby estrogen induces water retention (increases in antidiuretic hormone, or AVP, and aldosterone) and discovered that for AVP, tamoxifen is actually an agonist, just like estrogen, so should enhance water retention by that route:

    I haven't found any studies on nolva/clomid and the renin-aldosterone system yet.

    Updated Note: Here is one showing no effect on renin and sodium excretion with tamoxifen. So the increase in AVP should lead to water retention from nolva since there is no effect on the renin-aldosterone system:

    I would say based on what I've seen of the research, you are better off sticking with an aromatase inhibitor to help fend off estrogen related bloating."

    I don't understand why they would even recommend nolva during a cycle that had mostly androgenic properties. If if was anabolic qualities such as Dbol, Drol, or Test then yes for gyno prevention.
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  7. Bobo that's what I was thinking. Bro I know what Nolv is used for I meant to ask why you are taking it. The reason I'm asking is because a lot of people take nolva during a cycle to control gyno and things related when most of them don't need it. They just assume to take it. In my eyes it's a waste of Nolva and your money. Unless you have had problems with gyno wait to use it for post cycle or if symptoms arise. Later J

  8. Sounds just fine with me. You could do methyl 1-test for 4 to 6 weeks then continue the hydroxy for two weeks after that. SHould make recovery easier as methyl 1-test should be very suppresive.
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  9. Thats what my plan was . 4 weeks of m1-t and 6-8 weeks of oh and 4-ad.. TTY
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