1. Cool Equipoise

    Thinking of replacing my Deca 300/ wk with the Bolden 200 mg...
    How long does it take to start working in the system?

    This with WinV tabs along w/ Sus....
    Should water retention and gyno be an issue?

    Appreciate any feedback fellas...

  2. sup bro. stick with the deca as 200mg of EQ isnt guna do much except make u hungry. its good for lean mass and slightly counteracts water bloat but needs to be used atleast 12 weeks dosed over 400mg EW

  3. Lol I'm hungry enough on the current stack. Right on, I'll save it for another cycle.
    12 weeks aye, damn it that's some slow ****.
    Hmm, Sus, Win tabs, & this next time...
    Gonna switch to the Winny tomorrow & drop the dball.
    Preciate U Neph
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  4. np dude. ur guna look ****in sick in 4 weeks after the winz harden u up real good and shed some water.

  5. Yo bro, I have a dosing question...
    I got 100 of the winz (10mg) to get the most out of 'em, 30 mg/day or more. I've started already, did 40 mg yesterday. Doing 2 in the am and 2 more around 10 -12 hrs later in the day.
    What'du think NP?

  6. sounds right. 40mg for 4 weeks is perfect.

  7. Sup bro, I dropped the Dball like we discussed. What I did was the last day I did 40mg. Then the very next morning I started with 20 mg of the Winny tabs and 20mg more in the evening.
    It took 2 days to get it built up in my system, I had no energy during the last 2 days. Just today I feel good again.
    The scales read just about the same 225 lbs, but the water is finding it's way out if u know what I mean dude.
    Not as hungry as before. I'm trying to go leaner, less calories, but keeping the protien intake up.
    Any suggestions NP?

  8. yea ur not guna have hunger like u did on the dbols. just keep protein as high as possible and avoid complex carbs before you sleep. u noticing the water leaving ur face and midsection etc?

  9. yea, I can see slow changes to the extra bloating I had from the dball. No doubt it's a welcome change. My strength is down a bit, but I'm still doing 300mg's of deca and 600 mg's of the hexa every 5 to 6 days. Thinking about splitting up the hexavir to twice a week at 1c each time. Maybe it can help with my lack of energy. Half life of the win tabs is what 8 -9 hours?

  10. yea their HL isnt long i would say even shorter than that. and yea man split the dose of the hex into 2 shots itl give you less sides because your blood levels will be more stable.


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