Prohormones now illegal in the left coast

  1. Prohormones now illegal in the left coast

    I work for a supplement store and one of the owners just told me that they signed a bill in California making prohormones Illegal.

  2. Don't think it has been signed yet..

  3. Left coast??? Whos left, yours or mine. Ive never heard someone call the west coast the left coast. Good thing you wrote california in there or else Id be lost. Just curious but do the interstate signs work that way in Cali as well. Left I4, Right US1, UP route 66, and down Arizona Expressway. Sounds like Id get lost pretty easy in LA then.

    Havent heard anything about that but thats not saying it aint possible. California is such a ****ed up place between politics, people and now directions that it might as well be true.
    Nothing against california, If not for you guys people would still be nagging us floridians about our voteing procedures (better known as Chad issues).


  4. gary coleman for gov.

  5. Talking

    Left Side!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Throw it up!!!!!!!!!!!! Left side is the best side!!!!! Hey have you guys seen that show on TV called Left Wing? LOL. Sorry, just having some fun!!!!

  6. Arnold would never allow this if he becomes Gov.

  7. haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahahaha. Arnold for office, what a joke that is.

    They might as well let O.J. run for president of the US.

  8. Originally posted by sticklegs
    Arnold would never allow this if he becomes Gov.
    You never know. Politics changes people.

  9. arnold actually has an mba and has done a lot with business and such. he use to be a part of think tanks also

  10. Well that just proves what Ive thought all along. "Any moron can get a business degree" That doesnt mean that he actually knows **** about business or politics. Just screwing with all you MBA holders.

    But didnt he get an honorary degree, which actually means he didnt do **** to get it, hence earn it.

    If he has one or not doesnt matter. He's still semi retarded.


  11. semi retarded is like being a little pregnant

  12. I know, I just didnt want to be the one to say it.

  13. If you read a little bit about Arnold he is really kind of a elitist. Have any of you guys listen to him on the campaign trail. He's acting like a true politician. He dodges questions and doesn't give a direct answer to many of them. I think if polls showed that most people think prohormes should be banned he would go along with it.

  14. Yeah he's definitly a political gimp. I really hate when someone asks him about politics and he either replies with some dumb as phrase from a movie he has done or the newscaster does.

    Can anyone guess what he'll be saying when he loses this one?


  15. I am not sure that he will lose if the recall goes through in october. I think his strategy was to run on his name recognition which he has, stay away from the other candidates, not answer any tough questions, and count on a short campagne. If the left court decision is over turned (which it will be) he has a good chance. If it doesn't he will have to change his strategy or he will probably lose.

  16. PH's are not illegal in California yet. We sold a lot of 1-AD today at work. BTW, Ahhnold better not **** up if he gets to be governor. I wouldn't want to be a part time student because someone had to slash the budget and decided to fire half of the State University professors


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