Hardcore T-1 Pro Cycle HELP!

  1. Hardcore T-1 Pro Cycle HELP!

    I'm currently in the middle of my T-1 Pro cycle at the hardcore dosage of 2 squirts, twice a day. I have been seeing phenominal results as I have gained about 10 pounds already and still have 1/2 a bottle left. I have a bottle of 6oxo, tribulus, and zma for post cycle. I am also taking viratase as an anti-e. I was only taking 2 pills a day w/ no problems. However, over the past 5-6 days my nipples have been getting puffy sometimes, like when I first wake up, then sometimes they look normal in the same day. Since this has happened I doubled the viratase. Over the past 2 days my right nipple has been itching constanly. I don'treally have access to clomid or arimidex or anything like that. I also don't want to stop the T-1 b/c I have never seen results this good in my life (I've never done roids either though). What would you suggest I do?

  2. If you have some extra 6-oxo pop 600mg/day (I don't know much about 6-oxo dosing) or something. That should be more than enough.

  3. Bro, you have 3 choices:

    • Stop application immediately
    • Dose some anti-e such as the 6-oxo you have on hand.  600 mg daily should be sufficient.
    • Complete your cycle with no action (there's always a dumb option for those that need it).

    Don't play with gyno...take action IMMEDIATELY.


  4.  Take 3 Viratase pills a day. 

  5. Thanks for the replys guys. I have since stopped the t-1 pro for now, have begun using 3 viratase and 3 6oxo's a day. The gyno's stopped itching, and hasn't been getting puffy anymore in the past week, however it hasn't really gotten too much better either. I have had slight gyno ever since about a year ago when Iused the pinnacle popper's which really ****ed me up. Is there anything I can take now that will get rid of this slight gyno like if I get some liquidex or something, or will surgery have to be in the future for me eventually? Again, thanks for helping bros.

  6. Try PM Wardog bro. He knows a herb supp that might help. I forgot what it was. Something like Chasteberry or whatever.  The age thing is catching up with me here.

  7. Isn't Bromo supposed to help along with Vitex to get rid of mild gyno?

  8. for a hardcore dosage would u guys suggest a 4-hydroxyandrostenedione like Formasin or something like Viratase to take during cycle.. i already plan on taking 6-OXO post...

  9. Originally posted by K (Phoenix)
    Try PM Wardog bro. He knows a herb supp that might help. I forgot what it was. Something like Chasteberry or whatever.  The age thing is catching up with me here.
    It's called vitex.

  10. i will be trying a t-1 pro cycle soon, and its a good thing i read this post. this is some good info.

  11. Originally posted by coolie
    i will be trying a t-1 pro cycle soon, and its a good thing i read this post. this is some good info.
    T-1 Pro is designed to give lean gains with minimum estrogenic sides.  dantheman is apparently prone to gyno and therefore exploring options to alleviate this.  Most will not require this however...

  12. What to do now?

    I dunno what to do now. It's been a few weeks I've been off and have been taking 6-oxo, however I still have a case of slightly noticable gyno. I'm not sure what I should do about it. It isn't that bad, but you can tell it's there. I now have access to nolva, clomid, etc. If I got some nolva or clomid now do you think it would help aleviate gyno(not a severe case) or would it just be a waste? I'd like to get rid of this b/c:
    1.) I don't like having a little bit of fat behind my nipples and its almost summer
    2.) I still have 1/2 a bottle of t-1 pro left that I'd like to eventually use, I just don't wanna make my gyno case progress any further.
    All help much appreciated. Dan

  13. Nolva is one of the main drugs I've read about for gyno prevention. I've also heard that andractim gel and liquidex is really good but I haven't had any experience with them. If you are sure that you have gyno. I would recommend going to a doctor. Better safe than sorry.

  14. clomid will knock that right out:


    BTW, is this your first cycle?

  15. Dude---- Transdermal Y-Hcl on your boobies


    while taking clomid or whatever you have.  Whatever is there is there.  I would think that clomid etc would prevent gyno, not get rid of it if its already there..i could be wrong....


    i suggest transdermal Yohimbine-Hcl


  16. you are wrong

    arimidex, nolva, and clomid all can knock out early gyno... arimidex from what i've heard is the best to use to get rid of gyno in its early stages...

    bromocriptine is good for combating prolactin based gyno along with vitex

    I also know that supplementing Vitamin E helps a lot too

    so my advice to keep running 6-oxo; but pick up some clomid, arimidex, and vitamin E and use them for 2-4 weeks and you should be good

    Yohimbe-hcl is a diuretic right? gyno is not water gyno is hard lumps that form under your pecs/nipples


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