Dosage of dropper from Liqua-Solutions

  1. Dosage of dropper from Liqua-Solutions

    Hi, I am about to start PCT and have my bottle of Nolva from liqua-soltions ready to go, but my question is, how many ML is the dropper that is included with the bottle?

  2. Here is a reply straight from Liqua-Solutions.

    "The entire dropper contains 1mL, usually one squeeze will only yield half of dropper, (~.5mL)"

  3. anyone know if this applies to the nolva at liquid research . com also?

  4. Go buy a dropper with measurements. 1ml dropper at a drug store costs around 1-2$. That way you know for sure and can divide dosges up if you prefer.
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  6. bobo, go buy it even for the one from liqua-solutions that has a dropper in it?

  7. BTW, all the other times I got it it came in a long tube so the oral syringe worked good from like walgreens, but now the bottle is different with the dropper, so I think I have to use the dropper.


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