Newbie with a ph question

  1. Newbie with a ph question

    Okay guys. I am very new here and if possible would like a little quidance. I am a 44 year old who has gotten back into training. ( 6 times a week upper lower body split with one day of cardio a week )

    At my age I don't plan on getting huge but would really like to achieve a very solid body. I have ordered some t-1 final (bdc) to help accelerate my training. At my age and level can anyone tell me what I can expect as far as side effects, advances etc.

    Any things I should be looking for. I have not done any ph before and my training has always been sport specific.. ( ie university level v-ball, )

    Thanks in advance.. this is a great site for info..

  2. How long are you going to take T-1 for? What dosages? What post cycle supps do you have? What about your nutrition?

    If you want to know the sides - check the cycle info board.

  3. I am going to take it for 4 weeks. As far as sides.. I am wondering if there are any sides that an older guy can watch for that a 20 year old would not have to or vise versa?

    I am going to do the bdc final t-1 and do it twice a day, one squirt dose. I have not decided what to do for post yet.. (hoping for some guidance but nolva seems to be a popular choice)

    Nutrition will be a very high protien diet. 4-6 small meals. I am a teacher so don't get to do much during the day.

    I am planning on starting Next friday and going until last week of nov. I have a big party weekend planned for early Nov in whistler and want to be able to party hard and not worry about runing a cycle..

    What do you suggest??? anyone..

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