Poll: What do you think its better for gains in 4 weeks?

Halo or Oxa??

  1. Question Halo or Oxa??

    Hi, i've tried HDrol (25/50/50/75) with decent gains without no sides 4 months ago, and now i want try something more powerful but with low sides (like halo).

    In thinking on Oxa.

    What do you think its better:
    Halodrol 4 weeks at 50/75/75/100
    Oxa 4 weeks at 30mg/day

  2. halo and hdrol are same compounds bro

  3. More recently people on this board have suggested Halo for 6 weeks for best results. I'm going to follow that suit.

  4. same as me man as of right now going to do


  5. Quote Originally Posted by mcneil0303 View Post
    same as me man as of right now going to do

    Have you dosed it at 100 before? This will be my first time running it so 50/50/50/50/75/75.

    Also at my size (5' 7") I think the lower doses should be fine, so if 50 is cutting it i'll keep it there.

  6. Anybody has tried low dosing of Oxandrolone (30mg./day)?

  7. I wouldn't go above 50mg/day with the halo - 75mg toppity tops. Halo didn't have any sides for me at the 50mg/day dose, but once I got to the 75 mg threshold it started to sucketh.

    I've heard that the gains from halo cease after the 4th or 5th week. I can't remember if I ran it for 4 weeks or 5, but I remember increasing the dosage right there before the end in the second to last week. My gains did not increase even with the elevated dosing.

  8. What is a good PCT to run after that. I am going to do HALO cycle next month and want to get a solid PCT together. This will be my second cycle of it. I did not have a good PCT for first one and I don't want to make the same mistake. I don't have access to a serm so I will be going OTC.

  9. Do research on research chems.

  10. Is clenbuterol considered a serm?

  11. Quote Originally Posted by griller88 View Post
    Is clenbuterol considered a serm?
    No. Clenbuterol is a symphatomimetic.


  12. Well, finally i've taken oxa 3 weeks at 30mg/day with no results

    After that, i took one more week of oxa but at 40mg. At that dose i get an increment in strengh.

    So for me, oxa dosn't work at 30mg, and at 40mg the results was minimal.


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