ok so yes im a newbie on here and somewhat in pro-hormone's...when i was 17-18 i took a couple of cycles of Syngex and Syngex II and then tried some Methyl-50..i liked them both but decided to quit(YES I KNOW IT WAS STUPID TO DO THEM UNDER 21!!!) well now that im almost 22 ive started working out for about 4 months now. Decided to start the PH again and started my cycle of MagnaDROL a little more than a week ago. A couple of my friends and some guys at Ultimate Sports recomended the MD as people have had some great gains with it! well ive already gained 10.5LBS and my bench has already gone up 20 lbs in like 6 days which is pretty damn decent. I was looking around and saw that people have been taking TREN X on top of MagnaDROL and saying it was a badass this true? should i just stay taking MagnaDROL alone?

    BTW im 5'9 i weigh 160 right benching 180 right now and steadily going up every day on this stuff
    my diet isnt the greatest but its a HUGE improvement from what i used to do
    taking IDS Multi-PRO Whey, Nitrix, and the Magnadrol as of now

    Ive been reading alot about TREN X and the side effects and what to do on PCT and havnt been able to find a decent answer on what exactly i should take considering i havnt found anyone local or in person that knows much about either of these products.

    what about PCT after i get off MagnaDROL also?

    any want to help me out?

  2. pct

    I'm about to take the magnadrol as well man and i'm looking forward to it. Ive done a lot of research on it. for PCT I hear Restore from ALR is great. start taking the reccommended dosage of restore ur last week of ur magnadrol cycle and take it until the bottle of restore is gone. Also, you might consider a liver support while taking the magna b/c is methylated. good luck bro. let me know how it goes.

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