question about my buddies cycle

  1. question about my buddies cycle

    Okay I am new at this. I am probally a year away from doing my first cycle. I still can grow naturally. However my buddy was telling me about his cycle the other day and I was confused. He has done gear in the past. Anyways a former multi time mr San Jose gave him this cycle. My bro is only taking 2 shots a week. 1cc shot of deca and 1cc shot of test 200. I had not seen him in 2 weeks but he has dropped some body fat and gained muscle. He said he was given this cycle because it wouldnt make him to big to fast or be very hard on his system. He is about 5'7" 165 and growing while loosing fat. Everything I have read says he should be on atleast twice as much as he is taking. He says he is having no issues in the bed. etc. He says he will be on this for like 20 weeks. Does this make sense to anyone.

  2. Yes it does.. he appears to be one that can grow well off smaller levels of gear.. it is not the uncommon..

  3. Mathew,
    I was wondering. At this low of a dosage, he was saying it is meant to supplement his bodys natural production and not shut him down. Is that realistic to expect? Or will his body shut down natural test production anyway? I was telling him I was thinking about primo and anavar when I was going to do mine because I am married and have a lot of sex. If Icouldnt get it up my wife would know I was on something and it would be world war 3 in my house. My main goal will be fat loss with lean gains and no loss of sex drive, when I do it.

  4. 1) If he is on that cycle long enough, it will shut him down, because that is right around the HRT dosings if I rememer correctly. He should definitely have some real PCT goodies on hand (clomid/nolva/HCG(just my opinion for longer cycles it helps).
    2) If you are worried about your sex drive, make SURE you have a good amount of Test in there, and taper it down and hit your post-cycle therapy right. A good and simple first cycle with lean gains and no loss of sex drive would be

    1-8 500mg/week test enan
    9-10 100mg/eod test prop
    5-10 50mg/ed winny
    1-12 anti-estrogen product of your choice (femera or arimidex)
    Start clomid/nolva week 11 and run for 5-6 weeks
    Start HCG (optional) week 10

    -Saving random peoples' nuts, one pair at at time... PCT info:
    -Are you really ready for a cycle? Read this link and be honest:
    *I am not a medical expert, my opinions are not professional, and I strongly suggest doing research of your own.*

  5. Good suggestions MB..

  6. thanks guys. Like I said I am not ready I dont think. I am 5'7" 165 decent buld but I know I can grow naturally still. Not to sound to much like an idiot but can someone tell me what "HCG" is. Just point me in the direction so I can read more about it. So basically it is like he is taking hormone replacement therapy but still has normal levels. So its like he is getting a push. Thanks for the cycle advice. I will definetly consider doing that when or if I decide to do one.
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  7. I would check at the top of this forum at the sticky about Big Cat's profiles.. it will give you a starting point on all of these.


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