1-test cypionate concentration

  1. 1-test cypionate concentration

    Does anyone know what the highest concentration mg/ml of 1-test cyp i can make while making it burn free?

  2. I thought I read between 75 to 100mg. Might be wrong though.

  3. No at least 200, probably above 300mg/ml for the cyp.

  4. I guess it depends on the solution you use.
    I've heard anywhere from 100-300.
    Making my own, it took some work to get 100 mg/ml to dissolve.

  5. Old guy what solvent's did you use? Any cyp compound should easily hit 200mg/ml.

  6. old guy, was it burn free at your concentration?

  7. Dazed's oil/solvent mix from Eagle Research.
    It may be possible to get a higher concentration, but there are reports of it crashing. I also had some pre-made crystalize after using about 2/3 of a 10 ml vial. I had to heat it everytime I got ready to use it and I was trying to avoid having that happen with what I made.

    Yes it is pain free at 100 mg/ml

  8. 200mg/ml of 1-T cyp has been fairly painless for me. I just use 1.5 mls of BB per gram of 1-T, and enough BA to make it 2% BA.


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