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  1. t1 final

    i see the final verison of t1 final is released. it says to take 1 sqrt once or twice daily. don't some on here take 2 sqrts twice a day? just wondering, pls reply cause i'm thinking of upping my dosage here of t1 and am wondering if 2 sqrts twice a day is safe.

  2. just ordered it, gonna up my doseage try 2 sqrts twice a day..if that doesn't work i'll take my t1pro and t1final orally j/k

  3. i took 2 squirts 2x a day. I just wanted to up the 1 test and 4ad levels for my first transdermal cycle before jumping up to Pro or legal gears new stuff.

  4. yeah im going to start this **** come october. for sure.looks solid. and for only 25 dollars yeah man thats a DEAL.

  5. how do u apply this stuff?

  6. ok buddy, how bout you don't buy this or anything until you do some research ok? that and use the SEARCH button, not to be a prick but this is info that can be found all over these boards

    here's a freebie. squirt it in your hand then rub it on your body (thighs, inner arms, chest) thats the point of a TRANSDERMAL


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