Do supps really help side effects, or is it just genetics?

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    Do supps really help side effects, or is it just genetics?

    In the past ive seen people do cycles with proper pct and lose thier hair, get gyno, and have bad blood work. then ive had freinds run cycles and get no side effects with not one vitamin or supp for pct. i myself have ran cycles with nothing(back when i was younger), got great gains and had no sides... then i ran one a couple months ago and did all the pct stuff and had horrible sides. im beggining to think that side effects are just a toss up no matter what u take during/after. sometimes i think alot of the supplements to help fight the side effects are just bs, and your body will just handle things how it wants. i duno, i dont mean to ramble.. how big of a part does genetics play in side effects vs. proper pct?

  2. I think genetics plays a huge role. Not only for sides, but also in response to certain steroids.

    I've never felt lethargy, or any other extreme sides with SD, had great gains and just had the basic support supps.

    However I do believe it to be better safe than sorry, especially when it comes to PCT. SERM camp only here, at least for now.

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