Epistane/Epidrol/Havoc/EpithinE reviews wanted

  1. Epistane/Epidrol/Havoc/EpithinE reviews wanted

    I know they are all the same compound, but obviously one company's could be more pure than others, and when we are talking about 10-30mg doses, 2% more pure could make a big difference. So...if you have taken any of these epistane clones, did it seem good or useless?

  2. Man, do some searching. They have all been logged. Some more than others, but all have been discussed and logged.

  3. If one of the compounds was 98% pure and you took a 30mg dose, then you'd get 29.4 mg of active compound. Nobody will ever be able to tell the difference between the two versions so there will be no "big difference" in effect.

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