Need any ideas for this recomp stack

  1. Need any ideas for this recomp stack

    Okay so I am planning a recomp here's what I got so far

    epistane 40/40/40/40
    TrenX (or clones) 50-75mg for 4 weeks with epi

    Weeks 1-2 IR's clen (100mcg/ml) slowly increasing dose to eventually 120-150mcg depending on how I feel (Already used the same bottle about a month ago and didn't feel all so much from it at 100mcg)

    then PCT will be nolva 40/40/20/20 (I have IR's cabergoline on hand wondering if I should dose that through cycle or PCT?)
    Also week 1-2 of PCT will be another cycle of clen.

    Diet will be around maintenance, carbs at around 150grams a day split up through breakfast, preworkout, and post workout. Protein high and fat moderate.. Cardio is 30mins walking after workouts and 2-3 days of 15 minute sessions of HIIT. Too much cardio? Weight training will be high volume.

    But what about supplements? I have some bulk TTA and salvia miltiorrhiza. But other than that I am clueless on what else would be a good stack idea... maybe recreate? AP is out, or at least I think it is... tried it last year and it made me puke so hard I ended up puking blood... maybe that changed since then.

    Any ideas are much appreciated.


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