A few homebrewing questions.

  1. A few homebrewing questions.

    First off I new to homebrewing and Ive done my research but couldn't what I was looking for. I know this might be a stupid question but to make a homebrew all you have to do is buy the gel and bulk powder( hydroxytest)
    and mix it together right and bam you got a trandermal. This sounds wayyy to easy. Is this right. If true then is the cheapest gel at 1fast400 or is there cheaper place? I plan on stacking this with methyl 1test should i buy some 4ad to add to my transdermal or will the hydroxytest be enough to fight the lethargy. I looked up hormone gel and it says that certain hormones comply but not hydroxytest. Can I use it for ohtest and lastly do should I buy dmso with it to improve asbortion. I know these are stupid questions and I probably know the answers but I need a confirmation. Thanx

  2. Sorry for the stupid questions. I research even further and found what I was looking for but I have one question can I mix ohtest with the gel.

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