How is the aggression on M1T

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    How is the aggression on M1T

    i know it shuts u down after a few days... how much aggression/confidence did u get on it for those with experiance?

  2. the only aggression i got was mental. i knew i was "on" so it gave me the "on" mentallity. i am very passive person though the only thing that got noticibly me agrresive was anadrol.

  3. this is my thought. everyone is different so take it as a grain of salt. i was two weeks into my anadrol cycle and had to go to the doctor cause my joints were killing me. he requested a blood test and urine test on me. i was shytting cause everything i heard about orals and liver i thought i would come back messed up. well he called me a week later and said everything was fine. he said my liver enzymes were a tad elevated but nothing to be worried about. a couple of years before that he did the samething when on m1t and he said i was fine. i am quit sure he knew i was cycling both times but never came out and asked me. so i think he was checking my panel just to make sure i was still ok.

  4. Quote Originally Posted by Kernkraft View Post
    solid man, appreciate the response... I'm looking at doing a primo, m1t, 4-AD run in the future... the m1t however has been chemically altered to greatly reduce sides, but still nonetheless m1t makes me nervous.
    the m1t has been chemically altered to reduce sides???? WTF? how? and who told you that bullspit?

  5. Quote Originally Posted by Kernkraft View Post
    I've got to research it more and pass it by some chemist friends but a friend of mine is essentially telling me that they moved some of the bonds around - himself and others who have tried it have experienced next to nothing in sides. I can't get to my yahoo email at work but I'll read it over again when I get home tonight.

    I know, I'm fairly skeptical too.
    i dont think it would be the same compound then but idk im not a chemist. usually you change the composition you change the compound. common sense tells you that.

  6. m1t doesn't cause aggression, you cause the aggression. Purely mental and false claims. Sides vary for everyone though, mine were surprisingly mild as well as mild on my liver tests.


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