For those of you who started prohormones / steroids young...

  1. For those of you who started prohormones / steroids young...

    Out of curiousity, for you guys who started young, what did you take? Did you have proper pct? I have heard that steroids can cause growth plates to close (well, high estrogen levels specifically), did you keep growing after your cycle?

    I saw in the other thread that has a poll on what age your first cycle was at, a lot of people started at 19 or 20 or even younger. Just curious as to what type of sides/results you guys got

  2. I have had no problems so far and i continued to grow after , and still am . I used proper pct an of coarse did alot of research as to what i was getting myself into . It all depends on what your goals are . and if you wanna sacrifice damaging your body if not used properly .

  3. I think I read the same thread as you, and I noticed that most of the people who started that young stated that they wished they had waited...

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