what to stack my methyl test with?

  1. what to stack my methyl test with?

    I just bought some Methyl 1test and I don't know what to stack it with? I thought about 4ad or hydroxytest but I don't know about hydroxytest. How is it compared to 4ad better or weaker. I know 4ad alone is not that good but I hear hydroxytest alone kicks ass. Is this true?

  2. I've decided to go to OH test route but the problem is there is no transdermal of just Hydroxytest. Are you guys going to make a transdermal? Ive heard that oral is not the way to go. Is that true? I was thinking about doing a homebrew but that seems to complicated and I don't want to screw up

  3. Get some T-1 final or T-1 Pro if you don't wanna homebrew. Legal Gear also has some exotic new transdermals. I don't recommend orals

  4. T1 Pro and T1 Final has 1 test in it. Im looking for something to stack my methyl test with? Should stack it with LPG hydroxytest or is that too much test.

  5. btw you guys should make a transdermal of just hydroxytest.

  6. LG bros, any chance of a methyl hydroxytest???


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