Low DHEA, Should I do Something About It?

  1. Low DHEA, Should I do Something About It?

    I am 27 with 2 years of really/trully lifting and came across AM recently. I have been trying to absorb and learn as much as I can. Reading about various people having blood tests done got me curious so I did and everything falls within normal limits except for my DHEA. It is a 92 and I believe 100-460 is the normal range. Is this something I should be concerned with if so any reccomendations. Any insight would be greatly appreciated.

    27 y/o

  2. i believe you are at about the age where it begins to decline at a decent rate. mayhaps you should supplement with some. take a 25mg pill of dhea every other day or so; that's just a guestimate; i know nothing of how to normalize it. someone else who KNOWS can chime in on that one, but i would guess that now, at this point, you won't need much more than a low dose.

  3. cool, thanks

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