1. transdermals

    I have just started my t1pro cycle. i'm wondering how long it takes for a transdermal to take affect and notice it? this is my second day and i've noticing nothign so far. it seems like i'm putting lubraderm lotion on the top of my foot

    1ad took about a week for me to really notice it. i assumed transdermals would kick in much much faster. maybe i'm wrong though? was just wondering how long it normaly takes to "kick in"


  2. btw its nice to see the site back up

  3. It took me two patient

  4. did you notice large gains then? and thank you. i assumed it would take 2 days or right away with transdermal vs oral. guess it still takes just as long to enter the body then...

    any other comments/suggestions would be appreciated.

  5. I actually asked this question when I first joined:****7763

    Yeah, my strength gains were awesome!

  6. thx man, so its not so much the delivery system as just the fact that the prohormone itself takes that long to get into the system and make a difference. cool. guess i'll keep putting the lubraderm (t1pro) lotion on my feet and wait it out hehe i gained about 18lbs on a month cycle of 1ad. i want to bust 200lbs at 5-10 on this t1pro. i'm 185 now. i've upped my protein a lot during this month. protein, creatine, t1pro, flax seed, multi should get me to 200lbs i hope! i kept 15 of the lbs i got on 1ad. i hear a lot about transdermals so i wanted to give it a shot. i just assumed 1 or 2 days later it would kick in guess i was dumN hehe


  7. Good luck to you 2gcorey. I'm about 9days into my cycle (6'1", 190lbs) and had the same concerns as you. "Lubraderm, not Lubraderm" that was my question. I haven't really seen very impressive gains yet and compared to a MAG10 cycle I did earlier this year I almost felt cheated. Guess I'll stick it out till the end and hope for some changes soon!


  8. yah, i hope it kicks in. i sure noticed when 1ad did. i had pumps like never before and my strength made me feel like Superman. I'll keep you guys posted and also let me know if that kicks in for you Mike.

  9. You got how much on 1AD? If you recieved that then I am throwimg away my needles. Orals here I come!!

    Nice gains BTW

  10. well i can gain/lose lbs pretty easily. some have called me a freak. w/o lifting i'm still in good enough shape i might be able to get a starting halfback position on our college football team. when i take supplements and watch my diet though i really see nice gains. i went from 175 to 190/192 on 6 1ad pills a day and protein. i lifted 4 days a week hard during that month also. i am on my 3rd day of t1pro now and still waiting for this to kick in. i now weight 186 or so and i really want to break 200lbs by mid oct on t1pro. i just started, but so far i notice nothing

    needles huh? sounds healthy

  11. Thanx 2gcorey, I'll keep you poseted. I'm on my 10th day now and I am starting to show some promising signs. I know I just yesturday reported no gains but I guess it had to kick in some time. Strength is up a bit more and I'm starting to see more intense pumps. I'm doing a 6week cycle (1 1/2pumps twice a day). Also taking V12, glutamine, protein, flax oil.
    Hey 2gcorey I noticed that you said that your applying to the top of your foot. Is that the only place you are applying? If so you should try and move spots every app. ex:inner thigh, back of knee, shoulder, etc. Basically anywhere that there is "thin skin" so I'm told. Also the guy at BDC told me to wrap the app. spot with sarran wrap for an increase in absorbtion. I do it on my evening app. for convenience purposes. Can't really walk around at work with sarran wrap around my arm.
    Alright then good luck and keep us posted!

  12. most do not report significant gains untill there third week.

  13. yah, i have just started putting some on my lats the last day or so. i'm on day 4 or so right now. I'm upping my protein so i'm sure i'll have a few lbs gain just from that, but i hope to be close to 190 tonight. i'll keep my progress posted.

    Also thx to mass nation for the fast shipping and great customer service. I got my 4ounc of t1pro through them. 1st time doing it and i didn't want to go the full 8ounce yet. might next time if i see some gains with this though.

  14. How's their pricing over there. I got mine at Power Nutrition for $79.99

  15. Oh yea 8oz bottle!

  16. yah, the price is about the same. i just wanted to do 1 month to see how it works then i'll make up mind on if i go back for more go go juice

  17. What's your dosage amount? To make 4oz last 4weeks you must be applying 1squirt twice a day. That's the minimum amount they reccommend. I'm sure you'll see gains with that as well, but you know what they always say "more = better"!

  18. well heck, now that you mention it i'll up my doseage hehe what the heck

  19. holy **** guys! day 5 and i had a pump that i thought would make my skin stretch! its finally kicking in. my bench i did 2 extra reps for my 5th set where i normaly do 4, did 6 tonight since i didn't feel like stopping. all my other weights slightly went up also. I have been doing 2 sqrts a day and will now be going to 4sqrts a day. weigh 187 today and when i started I was 185. I'll keep posting my results. i am 5'10" tall also.

  20. Good to hear bro. Sounds like it kicked in a bit faster for you than it did for me. Hope it continues for ya! So what other supps. are you taking w/ your cycle, just curious?


  21. flax seed oil, multi vitamin, creatine, t1pro then protein with every meal and 3 protein drinks a day.


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